“Justin has the vision of an artist and the organization of a skilled professional. He is extremely detailed and has great planning skills. He takes the time to understand your goals and do everything he can to make sure he can deliver a project that meets or exceeds your expectations. He is laser focused on his work, but conveys an easy going and approachable attitude with his clients. His work is beautiful and in style that truly captures the essence of the subject. I learn more and more about photography every time I work with him and would highly recommend his work.”  - Caroline Riddle, Brand Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor


"[Justin helped]  me make sense of the most difficult and personal photography endeavor I have taken to date.

At the end of 2010, one of my friends died. I never had lost someone so close to me before and spent most of 2011 mourning and finding closure with my camera. I attempted to take a portrait a day of the people around me: friends, strangers, family. This process helped me through the most difficult year of my life, but I never considered this body of work anything that could help my career as an editorial photographer until I met with Justin.

I came to him for suggestions of how to attract businesses and editors. I was prepared to discuss which big names I had to flash prominently, but Justin instantly focused on personal work. “Editors want to know you have a pulse,” he said. He elaborated that anyone could tell I was talented by seeing one of my photographs, but they would never know why I was a photographer without seeing personal work.

So, I told him about my experiences in 2011, and he immediately recommended ways I could make these portraits part of my portfolio. While I worked on a written piece, he edited my 50 best images from the year down to 12. Throughout, he sent me the most inspiring e-mails. It was super important to him to best showcase my work and to include images that chronicled my emotional journey that year.

The edit he created blew my mind. I had seen these images many times for years, but I would have never organized them in this way. The photos fit right into the order of the narrative I had written, and together they make a very strong portfolio piece that I know will help me reach future clients. 

I chalk the success up to the fact Justin thrives on inspiration. He looks very deeply into people and into his work, and the final results are always personal and riveting." - Ryan Jones, Chapel Hill Photographer

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